What kind of shapewear do celebrities wear?

What kind of shapewear do celebrities wear?

If you’re asking yourself which body shapers celebrities use, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll open this mystery box and unveil how it’s possible for them to look so fab with their beautiful outfits. I may get in trouble but trust me, it’ll be all worth it.


Isn’t it wonderful that your favorite star, the one you admire so much, keeps little secrets (or big ones) like you? You’ll learn from this post that shapewear for women is not just something exclusive for big events, but also to achieve a better silhouette every single day and on any occasion, even if it’s at home.


Let’s get to the point! Let me tell you something sweetie that first of all, no, it isn’t rocket science: the big secret is shapewear for women. Some of them admit it, some of them will eventually admit this, and some won’t ever tell you. Nevertheless, the truth is out! Here in Fajas Colombianas Shop I’ve created a special selection of the best Colombian fajas for you to choose from depending on the occasion or needs. Are you ready to know what kind of shapewear celebrities wear?

What kind of shapewear do celebrities wear?

Many celebrities make shapewear for women their essential weapon to make sure their haute-couture dresses look stunning and breathtaking on camera avoiding at any cost wardrobe malfunctioning. With so many options to choose from, Hollywood stars run to body shapers to feel confident in front of hundreds of flashes that capture every angle of their bodies. Their top choices of shapewear for women options are: 

  • Shapewear high waisted shorts
  • Tummy control thong
  • Full body shaper
  • Women's underwear
  • Shapewear slip

          Shapewear high waisted shorts:

          Faja short

          One of the reasons that make shapewear high waisted shorts so popular is their ample coverage and versatility. They flatten your stomach perfectly and at the same time lift your booty and shape your hips. Supermodel Karlie Kloss prefers this type of compression garment under long gowns. She says she loves how  high-waisted shorts  smooth her figure without compromising comfort.

          If you’re looking for safety and targeted control, you’re here. Fajas Colombianas Shop has these amazing shaping shorts you’ll love and that will become part of your wardrobe basics from now on. Take a look at Butt Lifting Shapewear Shorts M&D 0322, the compression, the semi-invisible seams, and a jaw-dropping butt lifting effect, makes this one of our client’s favorites.

          On the other hand, if you’d like even more tummy control without having to put on a full body girdle, Top Chef Padma Lakshmi has a very cool option: Colombian Butt Shorts with Tummy Control Salome 0218. These  shapewear high waisted shorts not only flatten what needs to be flattened effectively, but also raise your butt and enhance your posture. And that’s not all. They visually make you slimmer and have a super practical silicone on the top and bottom to avoid the garment from moving. Do you need any more reasons to buy yours?

          Tummy control thong:

           Thong Faja to use with skirt

          Stars like Kylie Jenner or Lady Gaga presume daring outfits and dresses with this type of underwear.  Tummy control thongs have won a special place for women who want to tone the midsection down and lift the bust without being obvious. Fajas Colombianas Shop offers the best best fajas for dresses so you can use silky and tight outfits without worries. They won’t let you down, it’s a promise. 

          We recommend the Thong Body Shaper Salome 0351. It controls the abdomen and reduces your waist in an instant. It features high underarm coverage that gets rid of rolls on the area and it’s also very comfy to open the crotch when having to go to the bathroom. The best part? You’ll say bye to panty marks.

          Within our body shapers undergarments collection we also have the best selling Seamless Strapless Thong Bodysuit Diane & Geordi 2367B. This seamless bodysuit enhances your figure and goes invisible under your outfits. Its low back design and strapless design is an extra feature you shouldn’t miss.

          Full body shaper:

           ¿Qué tipo de fajas usan las famosas? - Faja Completa Moldeadora y Reductora

          If you don’t prefer to leave anything to luck, you may prefer a full body shaper like actress Emily Blunt. Even though she’s thin, she’s completely aware that the right body shaper for women changes the game and empowers you like never before. This proves to us that even though you eat well and physically train, Hollywood stars rely on these types of garments to accentuate their assets and curves. 

          A full body shaper offers maximum coverage and compression. Producer and actress Lena Dunham praises its benefits and proudly shows her shapewear on her Instagram account.


          We have the Colombian Faja Full Body Shaper SONRYSE 046ZL. This incredible mid-thigh Colombian body shaper is one of the best options to buy. It provides tummy control, enhances your booty, and has a high back design to improve your posture. With a Powernet fabric exterior and a cotton lining, it protects your skin while you´re absolutely happy showing off your new figure and boosted self-esteem.

          I proudly show you another best seller in our shapewear bodysuits collection and Hollywood star favorite. Our Strapless Mid Thigh Full Shaper Diane & Geordi 2407 shapes the silhouette and controls sagging, keeping everything in place. If we compare your outfit with a piece of art, this fantastic body shaper for women would be something like the perfect canvas. Strapless, invisible seams, fresh, lightweight; we can go on and on.

          Women's underwear panty shapers:

           Panty faja to use with a dress

          In the world of intimates, we can’t leave out control panties. Oprah Winfrey admits not using regular and common ones, and only wears shaper panties. Actress Kerry Washington once said that her stunning Dolce & Gabbanna dress was accompanied by a black slimming panty. The result? Pure magic! Our tummy control underwear compresses your tummy and outlines your butt precisely with absolute comfort and freedom to move.

          Compression panties are not the same as your granny’s panties. Do you remember Bridget Jones with that hideous underwear in the movie? A big NO! Here in Fajas Colombianas Shop we have you covered with the best of the best panty shapewear.

          The Daily Use Control Panties Laty Rose 21896 is one of the best in the market and you’ll fall in love with her immediately. We offer you in our online store a shaping panty, with a hiphugger design, a very natural butt lift, and seamless. 

          Now, let’s take seamless to a whole new level. In Fajas Colombianas Shop this design is a must in your closet. The High-Waist Seamless Bodysuit Panty Diane & Geordi DJO5L4 has all the features you’re looking for in a compression garment like this one. Invisible under outfits, high waist to shape all the midsection including those annoying fat rolls we hate so much, a natural butt lifting effect and extreme softness that it feels like a second skin. 

          Most probably, poor Bridget didn’t have access to fajas back then. Today is your lucky day! And with just one click you’ll get only the best in panty shapewear for women

          Shapewear slip:

          When we talk about Colombian fajas, a shapewear slip isn't the first thing that comes into mind. Reality is that this type of slimming garments (if picked properly), will define your figure and prevent your dress from sticking too much or bunching where it shouldn’t. It makes underwear marks imperceptible and offer low control in contrast to the empowerment they produce. Kathy Lee Gifford, Today Show’s hostess, showed her slip shaper without anything over, and that’s the confidence and superheroine feeling I’m talking about.

          Here in Fajas Colombianas Shop we have the amazing Strapless Slip Body Shaper Maria E FU112 that gives your curves another level of curvy. Its discreet moderate compression and strapless design opens more possibilities to wear low cut outfits. It’s so soft and lightweight you’ll forget you have it on. Made of Triconet, a bidirectional and elastic fabric, it hugs your figure with absolute comfort. The best part is, you won’t have any excuse to not wear that tight (or loose) dress you’ve been wanting to put on for so long. 

          So, shapewear celebrities use is just for the red carpet? The answer is no!

          Oprah, Robin Wright, Sarah Hyland, among others, admit something in common. You know what? These power-women use shapewear everyday! You may ask: Every SINGLE day? Well, yes. Shapewear for women not only provides benefits for a special occasion. I’ll leave here some reasons to think about:

          • Shapewear for women plays an important role in women’s empowerment, self-esteem, and confidence (at any time, in any place).
          • Colombian fajas help improve or correct your posture and give you a better silhouette without effort.
          • Body shapers smooth fat rolls, flatten your tummy and disguises any uncomfortable imperfection according to the design you choose.
          •  Fajas will also lift your booty immediately and makes invisible underwear marks.

            If you’re looking for a red carpet look without having to go through extreme dieting, plastic surgery or very expensive “not so magical” esthetic treatments, you have to own a Colombian faja. It’s not about very uncomfortable pieces that give you the feeling of not even breathing. The best thing is that Fajas Colombianas Shop has a wide collection with all the latest trends of this type of compression garments. Come and get yours in Fajas Colombianas Shop!

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